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-Conference Agenda


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-2007 Conference Info

"Moving Forward Together"

The “Moving Forward Together” conference was held October 22-23, 2010, at the Carson Community Center.  Thank you to everyone who attended! 

We had more than 600 attendees from around the country and around the globe.  Participants came from 18 states and 5 countries, and from many backgrounds and experiences.


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Conference resources

Conference Program (PDF)

Addendum to Program (PDF)

The conference program contains the conference agenda, workshops, sponsors, objectives, biographies of speakers, and acknowledgements.

Nationwide Network Platform for Action (PDF)

The Impact Project Accomplishments Report (PDF)


Ed Avol, USC: Ports, rail, trucks and goods movement emissions (PDF).

John Froines, UCLA: Diesel exposure and health effects (PDF).

W. James (Jim) Gauderman, USC: Near-roadway health effects (PDF).

Junfeng (Jim) Zhang, USC: Effects of diesel exposure on adults with asthma; black carbon and our climate (PDF).

Frank Gilliland, USC: Emerging issues: diabetes, breast cancer, birth outcomes, cardiovascular disease and neurologic effects of air pollution exposure (PDF).

Issue briefs:

Handouts from conference workshops:

Recursos en Español

Programa (PDF)

Apéndice del programa (PDF)

Plataforma de la Red Nacional para acción (PDF)

Extracto informativo sobre Puertos (PDF)

Extracto informativo sobre Ferrocarriles (PDF)

Extracto informativo sobre Almacenamiento (PDF)

Extracto informativo sobre Camiones y Autopistas (PDF)

Conference Agenda

Friday, October 22, 2010 

8:00                       Registration and Breakfast (show digital stories and videos, photo slideshow)

9:00                       Opening remarks Frank Gilliland and others

9:15                       Panel The Latest Science: Implications for Communities”

10:30                    Open microphone

11:10                     Workshops--listed below

Schedule (PDF)


12:30                     Lunch

1:15                       Workshops--listed below

Schedule (PDF)


2:30                       15 min break

2:45                        Panel “Community Organizing; Successes and Challenges”

4:00                        Conference adjourns

Saturday, October 23, 2010 

8:00                        Registration and Breakfast (video shown from day before)

9:00                        Panel “Shifting Global Transportation Systems”

10:20                     20 minute break

10:40                     Workshops--listed below

Schedule (PDF)


12:00                     Lunch

1:00                       Workshops--listed below

Schedule (PDF)


2:15                        15 minute break

2:30                        Closing Panel “Building a National Network”

           - Open Microphone

- Summary/Conclusions

4:00                        Final Conference Day Ends

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  • Neighborhood Assessment Teams: community-based research.
  • Goods Movement 101
  • Global Migration: Another way Globalization and Global Trade Deals Create Impacts
  • Arts in Action
  • Alternative Technologies to Reduce Emissions
  • Strategies for Dealing with Health and Community Impacts of Railroads
  • A Policy Solution: Diesel as a Hazardous Air Pollutant
  • Youth in Action Advocating for Clean Air
  • Creating a Resource Guide for Goods Movement Strategies
  • Using Theatre for Capacity Building & EJ Advocacy
  • Application of Health Impact Assessment to Goods Movement Projects: Two Case Studies in Southern California
  • What Everyone Should Know About The Environmental Review Process:  Basic Tips For Better Engagement
  • An Introduction to Digital Storytelling
  • Tools to Evaluate Pedestrian Safety and Community Walkability
  • Using Popular Education to Demystify Freight Transport
  • Holding Global Trade Accountable – The Effects of the Logistics Industry on the Workers
  • Turning Research into Policy: GroundTruthing and Community Engagement
  • Strengthening Federal Freight Bills for Environmental and Community Justice
  • From Local to National: Coalition Lessons from the Campaign for Clean Trucks
  • Workers’ Rights in China
  •  Don’t be idle! Community and School Anti-Idling Education Strategies
  • What Does Freight Transport Have To Do With SB375? Community Experiences in the SB375 Process
  • Truck Routes: Moving from local to regional
  • Worker Justice, Food Systems and Goods Movement:  An Analysis of the Components from a Labor Perspective
  • How Trade Impacts the Food Environment: Lessons from NAFTA
  • Climate Change, Health, and Goods Movement
  • Using the Clean Air Act to Prevent Worsening Health Threats from Increased Port Truck Traffic Pollution.
  • Create Your Ideal Transportation System
  • Create your own session
  • Labor - Community Coalitions 101
  • CBPR Connecting Community and Academia
  • Building a nationwide network
  • Meet the scientists
  • Scientists networking session

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Travel Info Page
How to get there, where to stay, etc.

Key sponsors
--Southern California Environmental Health Sciences Center (USC/UCLA),  funded by National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS)--
--Children’s Environmental Health Center (USC/UCLA), funded by NIEHS and U.S. EPA--
--The Kresge Foundation--
--The California Endowment--

--South Coast Air Quality Management District--
--Center for Occupational and Environmental Health (UCLA)--
--UCLA Labor Occupational Safety & Health--
--The California Wellness Foundation--
--Liberty Hill Foundation--
--The City of Carson--

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