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THE Impact Project Policy Issue Brief Series
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“Global Trade Impacts: Addressing the Health, Social, and Environmental Consequences of Moving International Freight Through Our Communities”

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Making the Case for Change: 2009 Impact Project Report Released

This report on the work of THE Impact Project highlights what has been achieved in the policy and community areas, as well as strategies used to combat the health impacts of goods movement.

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Interactive Map with Information about US Ports and Railyards

Browse this interactive map of ports and railyards across the U.S. Click on an icon and find documents, community resources, news stories, and photos for each of the ports and railyards. Developed by Ana Fadich and Tamanna Rahman.

Map of Ports and Railyards

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View Google Map of Railyards


Photo Slideshow of the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach


Get a close-up view of the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach with this captivating photo slideshow. The images of machinery, transportation, and jobs are labeled with equipment names and detailed captions that explain the inner workings of the Ports. Created by Ana Fadich.

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“Moving Forward Together”

A conference for communities impacted by trade, ports, and goods movement

Video stories from the Moving Forward Together conference 

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What is "Goods Movement"?  

“Goods Movement” refers to the transportation of for-sale products from the location of their manufacture or harvest to their final retail destination. Please refer to the Resources section for more information on Goods Movement 101 Trainings

Example of Cargo Containers being shipped to the United States from Asia:


What is THE Impact Project?

The Trade, Health & Environment Impact Project (THE Impact Project) is a collaboration of community and university partners focused on reducing the impacts of trade, ports and goods movement activities on health and community life.



THE Impact Project partners include:

  • Coalition for a Safe Environment (Wilmington and Harbor area)
  • East Yard Communities for Environmental Justice (Commerce and East L.A.)
  • Long Beach Alliance for Children with Asthma (Long Beach)
  • Urban & Environmental Policy Institute based at Occidental College (Los Angeles)
  • Community Outreach & Engagement Program of the Southern California Environmental Health Centers, based at the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine (Los Angeles)

The collaborative uses science-based information to inform public policy decision-making to encourage healthy solutions for communities impacted by ports, rail yards, intermodal facilities, distribution centers, trucking routes and other goods movement expansion activities. One of THE Impact Project’s goals is to ensure that reducing health, environmental and community impacts becomes central to the transportation and goods movement planning and policy process. THE Impact Project also seeks to shift the nature of the debate about ports and freight movement to elevate community voices in the policy arena, while also using the science and policy work of the academic partners to strengthen those voices.

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