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August 2007 Archive

Added August 31, 2007:

Chocking on Growth. A series of articles and multimedia examining the human toll, global impact and political challenge of China's epic pollution crisis. New York Times. New York, NY.

Added August 31, 2007:

China Pays Steep Price As Textile Exports Boom. China Pays Steep Price As Textile Exports Boom. Suppliers to U.S. Stores Accused of Dumping Dyes To Slash Their Costs.  Wall Street Journal.

Added August 22, 2007:

Court rules governments can require greener vehicles in fleets. Manufacturers fear ruling on Southern California regulations could lead other cities and states to demand costly alternative technologies. LA Times, California.,1,5939583.story

Added August 17, 2007:

Railways' toxic emissions tied to higher cancer risk. Residents of cities such as Commerce in Southern California are more concerned than ever about the amount of diesel fumes and toxic dust that surround them. National Public Radio.

Added August 13, 2007:

Respiratory woes. African American and Hispanic children are exposed to higher levels of lead than Caucasian children. Children of color also exhibit higher levels of asthma. Coincidence? Maybe not, according to a new study. Living On Earth.

Water, water everywhere, but guilt by the bottleful. In the last few months, bottled water — generally considered a benign, even beneficial, product — has been increasingly portrayed as an environmental villain by city leaders, activist groups and the media. The argument is not about water, but oil. New York Times [Registration Required]

Deal maker returns to port. James J. White returns today after a two-year absence to head one of the state's largest economic engines, the Helen Delich Bentley Port of Baltimore. The Baltimore Sun, Maryland. 1 August 2007.,0,2194911.story

Heavier Trucks Take Toll on Aging Roads.  More traffic, heavier trucks make structural safety a concern (Hosted by The Examiner). The Baltimore Sun, Maryland. 10 August 2007.,0,237288.story

Added August 10, 2007:

Boxer says EPA stalling ports' air cleanup. At a hearing in L.A., the senator says the agency is delaying cleaner-fuel mandates for the benefit of the international shipping industry. LA Times, Los Angeles, California. 10 August 2007.,1,4653361.story

Fighting for air. Sen. Barbara Boxer introduces bill to clean up port pollution. Long Beach Press-Telegram. California. 10 August 2007. Video. Photos.

In America's smoggiest city, residents learn to cope. Arvin, CA, is home to the nation's worst air pollution, according to the EPA. Doctors and public officials say asthma and other respiratory problems are common in this town of roughly 15,000 people about 20 miles southeast of Bakersfield. Associated Press

Added August 6, 2007:

Port unveils 1st TraPac expansion plan. Port officials, armed with a new set of strict environmental benchmarks to meet, rolled out the first of several container terminal expansion plans this week for public comment. Daily Breeze. California. 6 August 2007.

Pollution issue still haunts flower exporters. Kenya is riding  out the media storm over its heavy use  of highly polluting air freight with no impact to fresh produce sales so far. But as concerns about climate change keep rising, the industry is under pressure to do more to guarantee its future as a leading exporter. Business Daily. Kenya, Africa. 6 August 2007.

Added August 2, 2007:

U.S. biz blamed for dangerous Chinese products. Industry experts say U.S. companies need to monitor overseas factories more closely to prevent safety lapses.  2 August 2007.

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