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Near-highway pollutants in motor vehicle exhaust: A review of epidemiologic evidence of cardiac and pulmonary health risks (2007). (Abstract). (PDF).

Air pollutant chemicals and oxidized lipids exhibit genome wide synergistic effects on endothelial cells (2007). (Abstract). (PDF). (LA Times article).

Effect of exposure to traffic on lung development from 10 to 18 years of age: a cohort study (2007). (Summary). (Abstract). (PDF). (USC Press Release).

Ruchirawat, et al. Assessment of Potential Cancer Risk in Children Exposed to Urban Air Pollution in Bangkok (2007). (Summary). (Abstract).

Miller, et al. Long-term exposure to air pollution and incidence of cardiovascular events in women (2007). (Summary). (Abstract). (PDF).



Comparison of daytime and nighttime concentration profiles and size distributions of ultrafine particles near a major highway (2006). (Summary). (Abstract). (PDF).

Traffic, Susceptibility, and Childhood Asthma (2006). (Abstract). (PDF). (Environews). (USC Press Release). 

Traffic-Related Air Pollution and Otitis Media (2006). (Abstract). (PDF). (Environews).

Chronic bronchitis and urban air pollution in an international study (2006). (Summary). (Abstract).

Khan, et al. Idle emissions from heavy-duty diesel vehicle: review and recent data (2006). (Abstract).

Gauderman. Air Pollution and Children—An Unhealthy Mix (2006). (Summary). (Full Text Editorial). (PDF).

Ritz, et al. Air Pollution and Infant Death in Southern California (2006). (Abstract). (PDF).

Byrd, et al. Urban Asthma (2006). (Summary). (Abstract). (PDF).

Houston, et al. Proximity of Licensed Child Care Facilities to Near-Roadway Vehicle Pollution (2006). (Summary). (Abstract). (PDF).



Spatial Analysis of Air Pollution and Mortality in Los Angeles (2005). (Summary). (Abstract). (USC Press Release). USC-led study shows significant death risk linked to airborne particles.

Outdoor air pollution and stroke in Sheffield, United Kingdom: a small-area level geographical study (2005). (Summary). (Abstract).

Childhood Asthma and Exposure to Traffic and Nitrogen Dioxide (2005). (Abstract). (USC Press Release).

Comparison of Oxidative Properties, Light Absorbance, and Total and Elemental Mass Concentration of Ambient PM2.5 Collected at 20 European Sites (2005). (Summary). (Abstract). (PDF).

Ambient Air Pollution and Atherosclerosis in Los Angeles (2005). (Summary). (Abstract). (PDF). (Environews).

Lessons Learned for the Study of Childhood Asthma from the Centers for Children’s Environmental Health and Disease Prevention Research (2005). (Summary). (Abstract). (PDF).

Birth Outcomes and Prenatal Exposure to Ozone, Carbon Monoxide, and Particulate Matter: Results from the Children’s Health Study (2005). (Summary). (Abstract). (PDF). (USC Press Release). Babies born to women exposed to high ozone levels during pregnancy are at heightened risk for being significantly underweight.

Air Pollution Exposure Assessment for Epidemiologic Studies of Pregnant Women and Children: Lessons Learned from the Centers for Children’s Environmental Health and Disease Prevention Research (2005). (Summary). (Abstract). (PDF).

Potential Role of Ultrafine Particles in Associations between Airborne Particle Mass and Cardiovascular Health (2005). (Summary). (Abstract). (PDF).

Jerrett M, et al. 2005. Spatial analysis of air pollution and mortality in Los Angeles. Epidemiology 16(6):727–736. (Summary). (Abstract). (PDF).

In the Thick of Air Pollution: Particles May Contribute to Atherosclerosis (2005). (Summary). (PDF).

Environmental Roots of Asthma (2005). (Summary). (PDF). (Environews).



Environmental Cardiology. Environmental Health Perspectives, 2004. (PDF).

Garshick E, et al. 2004. Lung cancer in railroad workers exposed to diesel exhaust. Environ Health Perspect. 112:1539–1543. (Summary). (Abstract). (PDF).

Early-life environmental risk factors for asthma: findings from the Children's Health Study (2004). (Summary). (Abstract). (PDF).

The Effect of Air Pollution on Lung Development from 10 to 18 Years of Age (2004). (Summary). (Abstract). (USC Press Release). (Extract from related correspondence).

Air Pollution and Lung Function (2004). (Extract). (Abstract from related study).

Scientists Identify Genes That Regulate Allergic Response to Diesel Fumes (2004). (Abstract). (NIH News). (Science Daily).

Mack T. 2004. Cancers in the Urban Environment (PDF). San Diego, CA: Elsevier Press.

Fruin, et al. Black carbon concentrations in California vehicles and estimation of in-vehicle exhaust particulate matter exposures (2004). (Abstract). (Full Text).

Ambient Air Pollution: Health Hazards to Children (2004).  (Abstract). (PDF).

Nafstad, et al. Urban Air Pollution and Mortality in a Cohort of Norwegian Men (2004). (Summary). (Abstract). (PDF).

Green, et al. Proximity of California Public Schools to Busy Roads (2004). (Abstract). (PDF).

Endocrine Disrupting Chemical Emissions from Combustion Sources (2004). (Abstract). (Full Text).

Effect of glutathione-S-transferase M1 and P1 genotypes on xenobiotic enhancement of allergic responses: randomised, placebo-controlled crossover study (2004). (Summary). (Abstract). (Full Text).



Breathless in Los Angeles: The Exhausting Search for Clean Air (2003). (Abstract). (PDF).

Ultrafine Particulate Pollutants Induce Oxidative Stress and Mitochondrial Damage (2003). (Abstract). (PDF).

Wang XR, Christian DC. 2003. Occupational lung disease in China. Int J Occup Environ
Health 9(4):320–325.

Nicolai, et al. Urban Traffic and Pollutant Exposure Related to Respiratory Outcomes and Atopy in a Large Sample of Children (2003). (Abstract). (PDF).

Janssen, et al. The Relationship Between Air Pollution from Heavy Traffic and Allergic Sensitization. Bronchial Hyperresponsiveness, and Respiratory Symptoms in Dutch Schoolchildren (2003). (Summary). (Abstract). (PDF).

Maheswaran, et al. Stroke Mortality Associated with Living Near Main Roads in England and Wales (2003). (Summary). (Abstract). (PDF).



Ambient air pollution and risk of birth defects in Southern California (2002). (Summary). (Abstract).

Asthma in Exercising Children Exposed to Ozone (2002). (Abstract). (USC Press Release).

Association between Air Pollution and Lung Function Growth in Southern California Children: Results from a Second Cohort (2002). (Abstract). (USC Press Release).

Zhu Z, et al. 2002. Study of ultrafine particles near a major highway with heavy-duty diesel traffic. Atmos Environ 36:4323–4335. (Summary). (Abstract). (PDF).

Asthma in Exercising Children Exposed to Ozone (2002). (Summary). (Abstract). (PDF). (Press Release).

Particulate Matter- a particular concern (2002). (Summary). (Environews). (PDF).

Delfino. Epidemiologic Evidence for Asthma and Exposure to Air Toxics: Linkages between Occupational, Indoor, and Community Air Pollution Research (2002). (Summary). (Abstract). (PDF).



Respiratory Effects of Relocating to Areas of Differing Air Pollution Levels (2001). (Summary). (Abstract). (USC Press Release). (USC News).

Gilliland, et al. The Effects of Ambient Air Pollution on School Absenteeism Due to Respiratory Illness (2001). (Summary). (Abstract). (PDF).

Avol, et al. Respiratory Effects of Relocating to Areas of Differing Air Pollution Levels (2001). (Summary). (Abstract). (PDF).






Air Pollution and Bronchitic Symptoms in Southern California Children with
Asthma (1999). (Summary). (Abstract). (PDF).


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