BNSF Stockton Railyard | California

BNSF’s Stockton Railyard, a 40-acre rail and locomotive operations facility, mainly supports freight train operations between Northern and Southern California. Activities at the Stockton Yard include receiving inbound trains, sorting/assembling rail cars by destination, assembling outbound trains and maintaining and repairing locomotives. The yard includes, 4 receiving and departure tracks, 16 tracks used to sort rail cars by destination, 3 tracks used for locomotive service and repair, and 2 tracks used to maintain or repair rail cars. About 6 freight trains a day originate or terminate at UP’s Stockton yard and another 35 commuter trains per day originate or terminate here. This facility operates 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. Of the diesel particulate matter emission sources, 94% of the emissions are from the locomotives at the Stockton Yard.