Hobart Railyard | California

A BNSF facility, Hobart Yard is located in the city of Commerce, California, about 4 miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles, covering 245 acres. It is situated in a commercial and manufacturing area with several residential areas nearby. Hobart Railyard is also located within a few miles of major roadways such as I-5, Highway 60, I-10 and the 710 freeway. The Union Pacific Commerce Railyard is located just across the street on the other side of E. Washington Blvd.

The BNSF Hobart Railyard consists of a locomotive classification yard, intermodal facilities and administrative and equipment maintenance buildings. It is the largest intermodal railyard in the United States, handling mostly the distribution of international containers to places such as Chicago and Memphis. By 2006, Hobart Yard processed about 1.2 million containers annually and was projected to hit capacity of 1.5 containers by the end of 2007. With such a prospect, the railyard is expected to face a slow down if they cannot accommodate more cargo, leading to suppliers going elsewhere. Therefore, BNSF came up with the plan to build another railyard partially inside the Port of Los Angeles to keep up with growing international trade. A final decision has not been made regarding the project because it still has to go through approval from the Port of Los Angeles, the city of Carson and Long Beach and later will undergo environmental review.